Manufacturing Robotics

Machinery Automation and Robotics (MAR) was recently named the 2008 Telstra New South Wales Business of the Year, after being selected from amongst the state’s best businesses.

MAR prides itself on understanding industry-specific challenges and believe they have the expertise to design and manufacture a complete robotic solution for businesses in the following applications:

  • palletising
  • picking
  • packing
  • materials handling
  • welding and cutting
  • machine tending

Adrian Montiibeler (23) works at MAR - he is a fourth year apprentice electrician in the Electro-Technology area. He is a tradesman working mainly on project work, installing electrical systems that are designed by engineers.

Adrian is instrumental in the manufacturing process, always working off drawings and plans to produce a product to exact specifications. Adrian works daily as an electrical fitter- mechanic to connect wire components in electrical cabinets and Electro-Technology systems. He has a role across all stages of manufacture, from start to finish, and he has to know a lot about how the robot will finally function in order to manufacture it correctly to a certain design.

Adrian draws on interpretation skills, hands on wiring, and employs prior learning and understanding of electrics to translate the ‘auto cad’ designs into a wired device. MAR make ‘pick and place’ systems as well as automated welding robots.

Originally Adrian undertook an engineering degree at uni, but found himself struggling so eventually decided to leave. His dad recommended he get into a trade, so Adrian went to work with a relative at an electronics factory. This work lead into starting an apprenticeship, and Adrian has not looked back. He is very happy and thankful for making the move into a trade career because there is plenty of room to grow and work at every level of the manufacturing operation. Earning money while everyone else is studying at uni, and not having a huge HECS debt are just some of the advantages of going into a trade, feels Adrian, not to mention the 'cool factor' of working with robots!

VJ Matthew Jenkin