REA & F1 in Schools at Menai High

Skills One visits Menai High to see the six step process involved in the F1 (Formula One) school program.

The program, which is provided by the Re-Engineering Australia Forum (REA), involves students creating a small formula one car from scratch. Principle Edith McNally says that this project, which involves using the latest technology to design and manufacture their own model car, is a perfect opportunity for industry to be brought into the school's curriculum and equip students with practical trade skills and knowledge.

About REA

The Re-Engineering Australia Forum (REA) is a group of like-minded organisations from industry, government and education, working together for the future of Australian Industry and all Australians.

By focusing on what Australians can achieve through the use of advanced technologies, REA hopes to inspire many more Australians to develop an innovative culture and take their ideas to the world. Recognising that one of the greatest resources in this country is the people themselves, REA has a clear objective to initiate educational programs that encourage and support innovation in design and technology.

REA has a particular focus to foster the talents of younger Australians at Universities, TAFE centres and High Schools, with a view to increasing interest in modern Engineering, Design and Manufacturing through bridging the gap between the city and the bush, industry and education, via technology based collaborative projects.

The REA is an initiative of Concentric Asia Pacific, Australia's leading provider of technology solutions to designers, engineers and product marketers - particularly in the field of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). REA was born in 1998 through the passion and vision of concentric Managing Director, Michael Myers.

VJ Bradley Conomy