Fixing Ferraris

The chance to take the latest model Ferrari for a drive is a wheel most car enthusiasts would grab with two hands.

For Chris Tesoriero, a mechanic at Ferrari's Italia Motori service centre in Sydney, it's all in a day's work.

"You have to drive them, it's part of the job," he says.

Chris' teenage interest in cars and engines determined his decision to pursue a mechanical career. He completed his automotive apprenticeship at his local Mercedes-Benz dealer midway through 2004. His long term goal to work in a motor sport team saw him ultimately make the move to Ferraris and Maseratis.

Working everyday with some of the world's most expensive production cars doesn't mean that Chris takes his work for granted. There are challenges in maintaining these sophisticated vehicles.

"These are beautiful cars," he says. "But we do get thrown in the deep end a lot, and you have to figure things out for yourself," he says.

Chris hopes that the pride he takes in his work will help dispel the myth that mechanics are 'dodgy'

"I get that perception a lot. Hopefully I'll prove it wrong one day".

VJ Rodney Meier