WorldSkills Australia Nationals – Brisbane 2010 – Turning

Zach has lived in many places around Australia, but he is currently living in Bacchus March in Victoria.

Zach got into this trade by doing a pre-apprenticeship and work Experience at Rossco Engineering for 2 years at high school (year 10 & 11). This led to an apprenticeship within the same company for 3 and a half years and he also dedicated time to night school at Ballarat University studying welding. After this was complete Rossco Engineering offered him a position with them as a qualified turner.

Zach feels the best thing about his trade is the variety of work, being hands on and being able to get in there and problem solve. The most challenging part is assessing new or unfamiliar machinery and finding a suitable solution.

Zach’s trade school teacher nominated him for WorldSkills and he feels very privileged to be recommended. He can’t wait to get up there and see how he compares against others in his field.

VJ Geoff Charters