Pedal to the metal: : Accelerated automotive learning

Daniel Poropat is an Automotive Teacher at St George TAFE, Sydney, NSW. In addition to taking regular classes, Daniel was asked to teach a selected group of automotive apprentices in an accelerated learning program.

The program, developed in consultation with automotive employers, is intended to allow the automotive apprentices to finish their TAFE courses a year ahead of their peers.

Students self-study basic automotive repair theory in their own time outside of TAFE class time using a combination of textbooks, manuals, videos and multimedia animations.

"What we're doing is trying to get the underpinning knowledge out of the way in their time so we don't spend class time going over the basics".

Daniel enjoys interacting with his young proteges and says the class has a casual atmosphere.

"It's great to come to work and have a great banter and rapport with the students."

However he notes that there are challenges in teaching a group of 'lively and exuberant' young students, chief of which is holding their attention. He also believes the key to this is being able to transfer what they're learning to their real work environment and make it relevant.

"It is hard work and at the same time we can make it enjoyable."

VJ Rodney Meier