Lighting the Way for Earth Hour

Cate Burton, of Queen B, says that the desire to make a difference to people's lives is what drives her, but what was less clear for many years is just she was going to do it.

Cate's journey to Queen B took her via law, banking and marketing strategy… none of which made her a good candle maker, but all of which created the need for a creative and relaxing hobby! The impetus for Queen B began several years ago when Cate began having severe anxiety attacks. She took up some calming hobbies and relaxation techniques, and two things she grew to love were rolling, and burning, beeswax candles, and painting canvases. Queen B is the net result of two passionate hobbies becoming a business.

Learning that lighting a paraffin candle in your front room releases as the same poisons and toxic chemicals as starting your car and leaving it running spurred Cate Burton to sell her own 100% beeswax candles, using as much as the wax from 10,000 hives per year to make her beautiful, authentic, natural and environmentally friendly candles. The burning of beeswax candles releases no poisons into the air, it actually ionises and purifies the air and this has been why Earth Hour and the World Wildlife Fund have had Cate exclusively supply their VIP launch event at Fleet Steps overlooking the famous Sydney skyline.

VJ Linda Mirabilio