Old School Photography

Lomography is type of photography that centres around the Lomo camera from the late 70s-early 80s, and has grown in popularity over recent years. In an age of technological advancement, the instant satisfaction brought about through digital technology and the ability to store countless photographs without then ever seeing the light of day again, lomography teaches a return to the simple things when it comes to photography.

The motto for lomographers around the world is simply: Don’t Think, Just Shoot!

Lomo emphasizes casual, snapshot photography which embraces the unpredictable. Characteristics such as over-saturated colours, off-kilter exposure, blurry, and alternative film processing are often considered part of the Lomographic Technique. Users are encouraged to take a light-hearted and instinctive approach to their photography, and interestingly, no two Lomo cameras are ever truly the same. It’s from this trend that Tali Udovich drew inspiration for the name of her store – found within her art space Blender Gallery – hidden in a quaint side street in Sydney’s Paddington. There are a variety of Lomo Cameras, including the Fish Eye, Holga, Lomo LCA, Coloursplash, Pop9 and ActionSampler and each has unique characteristics that appeal to their ever-increasing audience.

Tali, after school, completed a degree in Visual Communication, majoring in Graphic Design and Multimedia. While she didn’t study photography at uni, she had always been a passion, and she had a particular fondness for film and analogue photography. She opened Blender Gallery in 2001 and the shop was relocated from its previous site into the Gallery space in 2006.

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