Mr Ford: Backpacker’s Hero

Chris Ford may have no mechanical experience, but he is the face of Traveller’s Auto Barn.

Traveller's Auto Barn opened in Sydney in late 1993 after being a small car rental place. Other dealers selling cars to backpackers at that time did not properly understand the needs of travellers. When it was seen how badly backpackers needed a quality vehicle for a road trip around Australia, the Traveller's Auto Barn was established.

The head office and mechanics are based in Woolloomooloo and there are 6 other destinations around Australia. ‘Traveller's Auto Barn’ tries their best to help out anyone from anywhere. As ex-travellers themselves, the workers at the Auto Barn cover all areas of the business from marketing managers to mechanics to web designers for their web page. The autobarn has roughly about 15 workers in their Sydney office, including 3 mechanics and even a web developer.

Traveller's Auto Barn knows Australia inside out - it's their home!

VJ Linda Mirabilio