Mechanical Magic

At the start of 2005, two of the best known names in the Australian tyre retailing business and associated services, joined forces to become a major power. The new company, is now known as JAXQuickfit Tyres - a major player in the Australian automotive business. It aims to build on its combined reputation to become the most respected and professionally managed automotive service provider in Australia.

JAXQuickfit Tyres will achieve its goal by allowing its experienced and motivated staff to operate in an environment conductive to constant learning, maintaining standards and exceeding customer expectations.

Quick Insight into Talent / Career Background

  • After leaving school Christian started to work at Bob Jayne T-Marts and then moved to JAXQuickfit Tyres.
  • A tyre technician is a person who fits tyres onto cars.
  • Funnily enough, Christian has never owned a car and doesn't need a car because he prefers to walk or run! And, he would rather spend his wage on body art.
  • Christian works 6 days a week here in Bondi Junction
  • The tool he cannot live without is his tyre lever!


VJ Rodney Meier