Haute Couture Eco Fashion

We meet Sara Victoria and Gerri Maitland, from Sara Victoria designs. We learn about the skills involved in designing and producing haute couture garments, all of which are made with environmentally friendly materials.

About Sara Victoria:

Sara Victoria takes her inspiration from nature and finds joy in discovering ways to preserve it. Creating organic softwears is a new endeavour which combines various skills and knowledge accumulated through prior experiences in natural therapies, film & theatre production, costume making and her keen interest for design and artistry.

Introducing to you an innovative, original new range of organic softwears for men and women.

Made from certified organic (produced without harmful toxic chemicals) cotton, wool and a few other selected environmentally pleasing fabrics. Created for the benefit of our environment, assisting in our health & wildlife preservation, not to mention the sheer joy of wearing these soft, luxurious fabrics. Each creation is made for comfort and pleasure for the wearer. Ideal for sensitive or allergy prone skin. Included are organic colour grown fabrics.

The cotton is produced naturally with it’s own hue, as opposed to dying the yarn. The shade may vary depending on the crop.

Gerri Maitland, Sara’s seamstress or self-styled “Garment Construction Technician” was taught by her mother to sew. After winning high school sewing competitions she undertook an undergraduate degree in Textile Sciences.

However, after graduating, she realised she was a long way from knowing what she was doing in her chosen career of seam-stressing. She sold her designs at markets and started a volunteer apprenticeship under an experienced tailoress in Bronte. She worked with this woman, who had 30 years of experience for 2 1/2  – 3 years, learning the skills she needed in her work.

She has been working with Sara since Sara started Sara Victoria.

Gerri’s role in the partnership is to help Sara realise her designs. To use her skills and experience to allow Sara to get her eco-designs off the page and made into actual clothes that are sought all over Australia and soon internationally.

VJ Linda Mirabilio