Masters of the wheel

'JamFactory' is Australia's leading studio-based craft development organisation.

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, this unique centre has employed and trained more than 360 of Australia's leading makers, artists and designers.

JamFactory has now been operating for over 30 years with four studios covering the areas of Ceramics, Furniture, Metal and Glass. Each area combines a rigorous training program with commissions and high quality production work.

At a time of national skills shortages, JamFactory is reinforcing the value of highly developed 'hands-on' work.

Erin Lykos and her teacher, Creative Director Philip Hart, both have a passion for Ceramics.

In this story we take a look inside this creative hub and talk to Erin and Philip about the skills required to become a great ceramist.

While Erin is concentrating on sculptural works, Philip prefers to go back to the roots of ceramics, creating pots.

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VJ Leilah Schubert