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Edwina Hurst is a professional colour consultant and teaches a Diploma in colour and design at the International School of Colour And Design.

She talks to SkillsOne about her experience being a colour designer and a teacher, and the kinds of things the school covers.

uirst has a fascination with colour and design came from a desire to release her creative talent. She completed the school's foundation course and studied colour consulting.

She has been teaching at the school for two years.

About the International School of Colour And Design:

ISCD is dedicated to providing a colour and design learning experience that gives students all the skills and tools to realise their creative potential. There is no experience needed to join and no exams to pass.

ISCD has been around for 25 years as educators in Creative Visual Arts. It presents relevant, contemporary and industry-recognised courses. This is achieved by developing relationships with design businesses and industry consultants.

Each year a number of industry awards are issued to graduates from businesses that support the schools mission to provide quality creative education. Consultants and industry professionals in specialty areas of colour and design application not only advise us but develop and teach our courses.

Students come from all walks of life with a variety of reasons for joining our courses that may include:

• career development

• personal interest

• career and life change

• creative fulfilment

• artistic pleasure

• career advancement.