Interview with Nick Ring- Director of Pryme Projects – Construction and Building Apprenticeships

Nick speak from an industry employer of the demand for skilled construction staff and his journey through apprenticeships to owing his own niche construction company.

"I started an apprenticeship with the love of working with my hands and being on the construction site. And something that I was really passionate in was building and construction carpentry. So I've done certificate three in building and construction, which is the carpentry apprenticeship, and then the certificate four in building and construction,which is the add-on to the cert three, which therefore gets you the time to become a builder.

I dropped out early in school to become a carpenter and then realized how can I excel further than just being a carpenter? So then I went back to study again for a further two years.Then I could go further in my career from being a carpenter to therefore being a builder so that I could run my own business and be the boss of all the trades"

Filmed on site at Central Coast Careers expo and Skills and Thrills Show 2023. Nick presented an an industry expert at the show.

Supported by NSW government through the NSW Department of Education- Training Services NSW