The Gourmet Meat Merchant

The world's "oldest" trade is being quite openly practiced in a butcher shop on Sydney's northern beaches.

David Horne began working as an apprentice butcher when he was 15 and has since worked in 31 butcher shops over the years.

Today he jointly owns Pennys Quality Butchers in the Sydney suburb of Mona Vale. And as far as he is concerned, butchery was the first trade developed in the world: "A man had to kill his meat before he could feed himself," he says.

David takes great pride in his work: It's an artwork.Butchering is about making something out of nothing. Taking the raw meat as it is delivered and turning it into appetising gourmet delights.

Penny's range of meat stretches from poultry and sides of beef to the more exotic crocodile and guinea fowls: "If it has legs or walk or wings and flies, we've got it! Dave adds.