The Only Bean Roaster In The City

Be introduced to three dedicated, bubbly and inspiring Young sisters who own and run the cafe - Vella Nero - in the heart of Sydney CBD, which isn't just any old coffee joint. Vella Nero, stands for 'black velvet', which sums up the luxurious, decadent, desirous, dark, rich and pure nature of their coffee blends. Their elegant black coffee bean-roaster - which roasts the coffee fresh before your very eyes - takes pride of place in the store; it even has a name: Bella!

The store doubles as a contemporary café setting and a stylish retail store. With a range for every day and gifting, it’s a convenient stop for a taste of coffee culture when you’re in the city. The problem is trying to leave this haven and return to the working week!

VJ Matthew Jenkin

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