Formed by Fire

Dagmar Ackerman fills flowerpots with glass, then heats them in a kiln. Why, some might ask, would someone do such a thing? So she can manipulate the glass as it heats - and create artworks.
Dagmar is a glass artist situated in Rozelle, creating both commercial and artistic works. She talks to SkillsOne about her work with glass, running a business as an artist, how she started working with glass and getting her work into galleries.

About Dagmar:

Dagmar Ackerman is a skilled artist who creates individual contemporary glass works by hand. Dagmar established her glass studio in Rozelle in March 1999 and is now a full time glass artist producing commercial and artistic glass.

Dagmar was born in Czechoslovakia and migrated to Australia in 1954. In 1981 she etablished TCG Graphic Design with a partner. TCG produced corporate brochures, magazines and flyers. Dagmar kept with the business for 25 years until she discovered working with glass.

In 1997 she enrolled in an introductory glass course at Sydney College of the Arts. Since then she has attended a number of courses, developing her skills and experimenting with techniques, with glass artwork being her full-time work.

Her current work takes its inspiration from nature, in particular the shapes and colours present in landscapes.