The Carpenters of Nirimba

Ian Wolner shares with SkillsOne about what's involved in the carpentry course at Narimba TAFE. He chats about the skills from creating materials such as trusses, cupboards, and stairs.

We also chat to Luke Connor, a carpentry apprentice, with his view of the strengths of the course.

We learn what skills these students will gain from the course - from academic, to the practical skills.

About Carpentry at TAFE NSW:

Vocational training for the construction industry is extensive and includes carpentry and joinery, shop fitting, bricklaying, roof tiling, civil engineering, asset maintenance, building studies and architecture.

This course is for apprentices in the carpentry trade. You will learn how to efficiently produce quality work in the building and construction industry. While the course is primarily aimed at the residential sector of the industry it can be customised to address specific skill requirements of most building and construction or allied enterprises.

The course also includes skills required by the renovation and maintenance sectors of the industry. The application of safe work practices and an understanding of the building industry context is also included in the course.

Learners will be able to pursue a career in building and construction from trade level to managerial level by articulating into post-trade courses, diploma, advanced diploma and university courses.

There are no formal educational entry requirements for this course. However, learners who gain entry to this course, must have successfully completed a General Construction OHS Induction course/unit/module BEFORE being permitted entry into a TAFE NSW controlled work site, workshop or participating in any construction or building activity, including the handling, sorting, stacking grading, recycling or disposal of any building or related materials.