Economics of Skills and Training

SkillsOne headed to the Agrifood 2008 National Conference. Gerald Burke spoke at the conference, and he we share some of his insights from his speech.

Gerald Burke is a member of Skills Australia. He is a professorial fellow at Monash and Executive Director of the Centre for the Economics of Education and Training (CEET). He is also a member of the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority and a member of the Education and Training Statistics Advisory Group of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. From 2004 to 2007 he was Chair of the Victorian Qualifications Authority and a member of the Victorian Learning and Employment Skills Commission and of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. .His work includes Qualifications and the Future Labour Market in Australia with Chandra Shah, for the COAG Training Reform Taskforce in 2006 and, with Peter Noonan, Financing VET in Australia: Present and Future, CEDEFOP Thessalonika 2008.

VJ Corinne Walsh