Designing Her Way at WorldSkills

Women are a promising asset, not just to Web Design, but to the IT industry on the whole.

Tahreem is an articulate, passionate young woman, a pioneer for women in IT. Will she beat the males!?

About Web Design:

There are five competitors in the Web Design category this year, as well as one from Japan and one from the Netherlands. Tahreem is the only female this year – the third ever female in the category’s history!

The idea of a Web Design category was brought into fruition in 1998, to give school students the opportunity to showcase their web design skills, and secondly, to promote the WorldSkills Australia competition.

The very first year Australia entered the international WorldSkills, they took home the inaugural gold medal, beating two other countries – a great start. Australia currently holds two out of the three gold medals in International competition thus far.

The Web Design category consists of one practical task of constructing a website for a specified organisation to be revealed at the competition. Some of the skills being assessed include not only general hardware and software skills, but also planning skills, including flow chart designs and technical descriptions of the web sites; client side and server side of web design; and design skills.

The competitors will be expected to complete tasks above industry standard and will be pushed for time. The only equipment to be provided by competitors is paper, coloured pencils/textas and original CD’s and headset for competitor comfort. A simple set-up of a desk, chair and computer will be the station for the computer magic to happen.

About Tahreem:

Tahreem is 21 years old and very positive about all aspects of her industry. She says, “I get really excited about my job. I love it.” Her mother and father own their own IT company, and Tahreem's brother is also interested in IT, and studying software engineering at university. It was he who taught Tahreem about web designing.

Tahreem used to play around with Microsoft Paint, creating designs, until she began to understand the technical side of developing and then moving up from there.

In preparation for the WorldSkills, Tahreem has been practicing a few hours each day. When she is not on the computer, Tahreem is in the kitchen!

VJ Edith Veilleux