Motor Serving Technician

SkillsOne chats to NRMA technician Tama Tekura about what's involved in working with the NRMA.

We chat about the tasks involved in the job: including servicing, the electrical work, replacement, suspension work, radiators, shocks and clutch replacements.

We chat to him about the benefits of working at the NRMA - including an LCD TV in the break room!

About the NRMA:
The National Roads and Motorists' Association, known as NRMA Motoring and Services, is a member-owned mutual organisation offering roadside assistance, travel advisory, vehicle inspections and other services in New South Wales and The Australian Capital Territory.

NRMA MotorServe

Our service centres are focused on doing the right thing by you and your car.

We provide a clear explanation of the work and costs involved, and start every service with a detailed Car Condition Check where we provide you with:

* A report on the status of your vehicle and work required

* How long the service will take

* How much it will cost As you would expect from NRMA we only use high quality parts and lubricants that are as good, or better than those originally fitted to your vehicle.

Of course, if you would prefer us to use an original manufacturer's part or an alternative brand we are happy to source it for you. Just ask us!

NRMA MotorServe workshops are wholly owned by NRMA Motoring & Services and have been established in response to interest from our Members. At NRMA MotorServe you can also access a range of NRMA maps, guides, special publications and merchandise Whether you follow your car's manufacturer's log book service schedule or rely on us to recommend what's best for your car, NRMA MotorServe gives a new alternative for car servicing.

Each NRMA MotorServe centre is a fully equipped mechanical workshop operated by experienced mechanics. We work to provide high quality car servicing at a competitive price.

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