Interview with Sue Kennedy on Career Expos- Training Services NSW

Sue Kennedy from Training Service NSW speaks on the importance of providing up to date information, supporting employers and students through the process of determining careers and apprenticeships and the role NSW government is doing to assist them.

"It is really important to support people and ensure that we understand what our future needs are in terms of our economic value that these apprentices and trainees can bring.

This is the first time I've seen the skills and thrills really impressed with the actual video that you are showing and the different guest speakers that you have. They really relate to the audience that you're looking at, which is those school high school students in their local areas.

Getting them to be aware of what is out there, making them understand that if you want to  be an accountant, it's not a bad thing.

It's something that you can actually do across different vocations.

You can be an electrician, but it doesn't have to be an electrical company.

You can be an electrician on a movie set if you want to be.

So it's really about making them understand that the particular vocation is able to be portable, placed in different vocations, different industry areas, and the possibilities are endless and it's your passion that drives you to want to do something like that.

Filmed on site at Central Coast Careers expo and Skills and Thrills Show 2023.

Supported by NSW government through the NSW Department of Education- Training Services NSW