Carpeting the MCG

Adam Thorne would argue that he has one of the best jobs in the world.

As one of the curators at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Alan’s “office” is home to some of the world’s biggest sporting events – The Commonwealth Games, the AFL Grand Final, international cricket tests and one-dayers, rugby tests and soccer.

With fierce competition between teams at the highest level, Adam has to ensure the ground is in exceptional playing condition.

And considering millions around the world watch these clashes, there’s the added pressure of ensuring the ground looks it’s immaculate best.

Adam takes Video Journalist Matthew Jenkin on a brief tour of this historic ground and shares some of his horticultural secrets with us.

Quick Facts:

  • The total capacity of the MCG is approximately 100,000.
  • Every year 3000m2 of the centre corridor is re-laid.
  • The arena is seeded twice a year at 35g/m2 which is equivalent to 1.4 tonnes.
  • Approximately 350 man hours are spent per week maintaining the turf.