Printing is Not Just Black and White

View the full version here including an insight into young people working in the printing industry and their thoughts on its career opportunities.

Reading the morning paper, flicking through your favourite magazine, curling up with a great book - these are some of the more obvious benefits of the invention of printing.

Imagine a world without print! From the Gutenburg Printing Press to today's newspapers, books and products - printing has revolutionised civilisation and information.

The printing technologies led by Gutenburg spread quickly, and news and books began to travel across Europe much faster than before. It fed the growing Renaissance and greatly facilitated the scientific revolution of the 16th to 17th centuries.

Many products and services we take forgranted are made possible by Australians working in the printing industry.

But wander down any supermarket aisle or stroll along any busy street and you are faced with printed information. This video turns the spotlight on some of the fantastic career opportunities available in this very diverse industry.

VJ Liam Mackenzie