Bridge Climbers & Guides

We see what’s it is like to work as a guide at Sydney’s most famous tourist attraction and find out more about Australia’s trade history.

Before your Climb, climbers participate in a climb simulation to give them a feel for conditions on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. BridgeClimb's professionally trained Climb Leaders introduce climbers to ladder and stair procedures, and the use of harnesses and safety procedures.

In 2006, BridgeClimb launched 'The Discovery Climb' experience which takes climbers right into the heart of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This adventure traverses the suspension arch - climbers venture through the Bridge and are able to touch the raw steel and rivets and experience more visual evidence of Sydney Harbour Bridge history.

Stairs and catwalks never previously opened to the public are now accessible, and climbers wind their way through a tangle of hatchways and steel girders suspended above the traffic. Guides also point out the location where the arch was joined for the first time, making Sydney Harbour Bridge history.

At the top, climbers will meander between the arches to the summit, 134 metres above the water, and see all of Sydney laid out before them in a breathtaking view. Along the way, a climb leader shares the Bridge's rich history, leaving climbers in awe of this incredible feat of engineering.

'Every Climber, Every Climb' is the motto and mission of BridgeClimb's enthusiastic team of Climb Leaders. They work hard to make each Climb a unique and personal adventure.

Safety is the key focus of the Climb Leader team, but they are also chosen for their warm personalities, vitality and wit. Climb Leaders share a passion for Sydney and of course the Bridge itself.

VJ Thomas Greader

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