AWEX National Graduate Wool classer of the Year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

"Australian wool classers have enriched Australia's reputation for producing the best wool in the world." says Mark Grave, AWEX CEO

Eleven of Australia's top graduate wool classers competed at the 2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show to become the first AWEX National Graduate Wool classer of the Year.

The competition is founded by the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX)  in conjunction with TAFE and is designed to raise the profile of wool classing as an important Australian profession. It also recognises excellence and celebrates the achievements of all finalists nominated in 2012. The finalists were nominated for the award by their local training college as the best graduate student in their year. They come from a diverse range of locations and backgrounds yet share a passion for working with Australian wool and an exemplary work ethic that has taken them to the top of their respective training courses.