Training at your place

There is a TAFE-based program that offers strategic training and assessment of staff on site, so people who don't have the opportunity to attend TAFE, can have access to qualifications.

TAFE Newcastle are currently offering a program that offers on-site training to existing workers in businesses to allow them to gain recognition for the existing skills, as well as develop new skills, all ultimately leading to a happier, more motivated employee.

We chat to Gary Dunshea, a TAFE Teacher and Assessor in Wood machining about the on-site training which he provides, the owner of Staging Rentals who uses workplace training, Mark Holmes, and Tim Ryan, the trainee.

As employment rates fall to their lowest rate in decades and skilled workers become harder and harder to find, keeping staff happy and motivated has become an integral part of running a successful business.

About Gary: 

Gary did an apprenticeship in Wood Machining after leaving school. He worked in the industry for 30 years (comprising wood machining and cabinet making) and eventually become a factory manager.

Gary had always loved making furniture and timber products, but after 30 years he surprisingly developed an allergy to the timbers that he’d been working with, and was forced to assess his future.

He quit six years ago and went to work for an industry association and later moved to TAFE. He’s particularly passionate about this program because throughout his career he noticed countless good, skilled and solid tradespeople that had no real qualifications because they didn’t have the time of money to attend TAFE.

This allows them to continue with their work, but gain their qualifications on the job.

About TAFE and the Existing Workers Program: 

TAFE Hunter Institute offers an Existing Workers Programme. Government funding is available for TAFE Newcastle to work in partnership with business owners to put in place a strategic training and assessment program for their staff.

The funding is available over a two year period to assess and train current staff to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. The funding covers the full cost of services provided by the TAFE.

The training is aimed to be extremely flexible and tailored to meet the needs of the businesses involved and they offer on site or distance learning.

Current Certificates are available in:

- Saw milling and Processing

- Timber Manufacturing

- Timber Merchandising

- Wood Panel Products

- Business Frontline Management

- Retail Operations

- Retail Supervision

- Furniture Making

- Cabinet Making

- Wood Machining


 About Staging Rentals:

Staging Rentals & Construction Services is a leading supplier or staging productions/services. They provide rental and construction services to the events and exhibition industry.