ACPET Catalogue Launch @ News Ltd

SkillsOne has partnered with ACPET to bring you the ACPET Online Catalogue, launched in November 2013 at News Corp in Sydney. The catalogue is optimised for iPads and other tablets, however it’s also accessible on mobiles and desktops. The content is rich and engaging, with interactive elements such as swiping technology, video and image galleries.
The Catalogue will be optimised for interactive browsing on iPads or tablets and will incorporate video, photo & web links.There are numerous education, training and higher education providers offering a wide variety of courses, but how do you know you're choosing a quality provider? The Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) represents the best of the best in the private sector.
It will be a useful tool for careers advisers, students, teachers and parents who can easily access information about private providers, courses, enrollment dates and financial assistance and connect you straight to members’ websites. Courses and providers can be searched by industry and location.
The ACPET catalogue serves as a comprehensive and trusted reference. To view the catalogue, visit and be sure to distribute to teachers, parents and anyone who may be looking at further education.
VJ Thomas Greader