NSW Training Award Ambassador- Chelsea McInnes on her SBAT Hospitality and further studies

Chelsea speaks on her decision to undertake a SBAT course and some of her advise to parents and people considering a VET program


"I thought it was a good opportunity for me being a visual learner and also loving being in, in the kitchen surrounded by food.

So I thought if I'm able to study something while at school while completing the HS C that will help me in my future, I thought it'd be a great idea to jump on that.

So I earned my hospitality certificate at the end of year 12,So then I was able to fall straight into a full-time job as a manager or front of house manager in hospitality.

My main piece of advice for parents would be stop looking at 10,20 years ago. We're looking at the future, the opportunities surrounded and offered in education now at Endless, and there's so many opportunities for our youth to really thrive in their learning types"


Filmed on site at Central Coast Careers expo and Skills and Thrills Show 2023.

Supported by NSW government through the NSW Department of Education- Training Services NSW