Two Sparkies

We meet electrical apprentice, Ray Moukdad, and chat about what it's like being an apprentice. We also meet Michael Farrugia, Ray's boss, find out what it's like teaching an apprentice.

We get advice from Ray and Michael about what it's like working with apprentices, and how to keep a healthy relationship.

About Luchmann Electrical:

Luchman electrical has been operating for 12 years. It offers a well established and fully qualified service. They are specialists for all of electrical requirements whether it be domestic, commercial or industrial.

With many years experience in the industry & fully trained staff, we are able to offer the highest levels of work & service. They can provide a licensed electrician for installation or electrical repairs to light fittings, power points, smoke alarms, test & tagging of electrical appliances, switch boards, electrical inspections, safety switches, circuit breakers.

They can arrange for an electrician to:

  • Replace your light globes in your home.
  • Attend to your office requirements.
  • Visit factories.
  • Install data or phone outlets.
  • Repair electrical hot water systems.
VJ Linda Mirabilio