TV Techos at World Youth Week

Breana McGee is studying at the Television and Technical Operators College (TTOC) in Sydney. She takes us to the live filming of a mass as part of World Youth Week and explains her role as a Television Operations Trainee.

About Breana:

Breana is a Television Production Trainee, who moved to Sydney to attend the TTOC for one year, and is really dedicated and keen to work in TV. She completed a Media Communications degree at QU and has worked in an advertising agency, a post production house and community TV channel called 'Bris31'. Since attending TTOC and going out on AFL 'live' OBS and other sport coverages, she has found a passion for EVS operation.

At WYD OB she will be working on cables and have access to the OB van. Brianna can't wait for the established TV operators to all go over to Beijing for the Olympics because that will give her the opportunity to step up into vacant, on-the-job positions at 'live' NRL and AFL events. She has already been sent to Melbourne by the college to learn AFL sports coverage.

About TTOC:

The Television Technical Operators College (TTOC) is Australia's first vocational training facility, specially designed for those wanting a career in television and broadcast production. Its purpose is to help solve the chronic shortage of skilled technical operators in the television industry and to maintain Australia's reputation as world leaders in producing live broadcasts and entertainment.

Funded by the Australian Government and television industry partners, the College offers the only accredited advanced training course within the Industry. With links to Universities and TAFE Colleges, the TTOC provides high-quality technical training for a range of specialised roles including technical managers, camera operators, audio and communication technicians and broadcast engineers. Based at Homebush in Sydney, NSW, the College also aims to assist more than 1,800 freelance technical operators by providing them with ongoing skills development courses and comprehensive training in new digital technologies.

The core objectives of the TTOC are - to replenish the broadcast industry with a new generation of skilled and proficient technical operators; provide opportunities for freelance operators to enhance their skills and adapt to new technologies; maintain a database of skills and competencies so that individuals can be matched with full-time career opportunities as they arise; assist with the development of new hardware and software products to ensure the Australian Television Industry continues to use the most efficient production practices available.

The TTOC is offering up to 25 trainee positions each year in the Broadcast Operations Graduate Certificate Course in Technical Television Operations. This is an accredited practical course that will equip trainees with the necessary technical operations skills to ensure employment in the television industry. The one year traineeship has been developed in partnership with the University of Western Sydney (UWS).

The selection criteria are determined by previous experience, qualifications and interview assessment. Trainees are required to complete four core units each worth 10 credit points; Broadcast Operations Audio and Commentary Systems Camera/CCU and Server Operations Intermediate / Advanced Broadcast Operations.

The program runs for 48 weeks and includes three six-hour workshops and two 11-hour days per week, working on projects in the studio or on outside broadcasts each week. The innovative course allows trainees to learn by observing experienced professionals as well as developing their own abilities.

Trainees will also participate in an important program to develop new technologies. To assist successful applicants on their path to a broadcast career, all course fees will be covered by the TTOC. The School of Communication Arts at the UWS oversees the curriculum design, assessment and accreditation of the course, which is recognised under the Australian Qualification Framework.

VJ Rodney Meier