The Road to Restoration

Matthew Peacock has loved cars since he was very young.

At just 14 years of age he dissected his first motor engine and was hooked on finding himself a job the automotive industry, despite his parents' encouragement for him to go to university.

Matt started out washing cars at a Holden Dealership but was soon noticed by his manager and given the opportunity to commence an apprenticeship in the Panel Beating trade.

A serious car accident nearly put an end to his career and stopped him working in his trade. Looking at the crash photos, he was told by older experienced tradesman that he was lucky to be alive. The experience only made his passion for cars stronger.

He now works as a qualified panel beater repairing accident-damaged cars and loves restoring old cars; a skill he first learned from one of his TAFE teachers. His parents are very proud of him. This is his story.

VJ Max Sappa