The Job I Love – Fitness Instructor

If you would like to provide services to people in a vibrant and positive environment, you should consider a career in the fitness industry.

Exercise Professionals are typically employed to instruct individuals and/or groups in traditional settings such as fitness centres or studios. However, recently a larger number of roles in an expanded range of settings have emerged. These include instructional, consulting and management roles across a variety of settings such as community, sport, workplace, outdoor and mobile services.

More than ever before, exercise professionals are able to plan and extend their career through delivering a range of services in a variety of settings, to a larger proportion of the community.

The main roles in fitness include: exercise instructor; exercise trainer; specialised exercise trainer; fitness centre manager. Within the roles, there is a range of specialisations to choose from including personal trainer, gym instructor, group exercise instructor, aqua instructor, children’s instructor and older client trainer.

Depending upon what type of environment you would like to work in, you can select which you will specialise in. Some people like the fun of running classes in a gym, while others prefer to help people individually.

VJ Andrew Little

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