The Apprentice ‘Meatologist’

Matthew Wall has been interested in cooking since he was a young boy: "I always liked cooking as a kid...I liked preparing the meat". Matthew turned his interest into a career, starting out at Penny's Butchers in Mona Vale, Sydney, as a dishwasher after school.

He did his year 10 work experience at Pennys and left school at the end of year 10 to take up an apprenticeship in butchery while attending Granville TAFE. At TAFE subjects ranged from meat processing to cookery and meat preparation.

Working in a butchers involves working a six day week, starting each day at 6AM. Matthew helps set up the shop, prepare the shop counter displays and prepare the various cuts of meat. And what does the future hold for Matthew? "I wouldn't mind travelling after I finish my apprenticeship, maybe work on a cruise ship."

VJ Rodney Meier