The Bakers Buns

Steve Tate and his wife Carolyn are bakers and franchisees of the Baker's Delight store in St Leonards. We had the opportunity to meet with them at their store and take a tour around the kitchen where bread and pastries are prepared and cooked. We also check out what happens at the cash register and the displays.

Steve comes from an IT and business background, he was heavily interested in technology and finance. His wife Carolyn came from an administration and hospitality background. Together they did 3 months intensive training at Baker's Delight where they learnt many skills. "Anyone can make bread," says Steve, "but there's a real skill in making GREAT bread!"

They employ 7 or 8 bakers at any one time. Two of their staff are apprentices who have the opportunity to work 4 to 5 days, and learn the theory side of the trade at TAFE one day a week.

The great thing about Baker's Delight is you get a trade and a whole system - all aspects of running a successful business.