Taking on the World in Jewellery

Joel Drew is representing Australia in the Jewellery trade area at the International WorldSkills Competition in Japan.

He is in Newcastle for a mock competition, and shows us the intricate skills involved in creating fine jewellery.

Andrew Rose is a Jewellery Expert in the competition and was a participant himself several years ago. His role is to make sure all the competitors are treated fairly in Japan.

Joel's interest in the trade started in work experience in Year 10, which then continued to a part time job during school. His passion for designing and making jewellery led him to start an apprenticeship.

Joel enjoys the industry because it allows so much creativity and a great sense of satisfaction.

He says that his mentors, employers, teachers and others around him have taught him so much and have been a great support network, and that he hopes to continue loving what he does to become a successful jeweller.

VJ John Young