TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute win Skills for Sustainability

For TAFE New South Wales - Western Sydney Institute (WSI), sustainability is more than just a single program or initiative; it is a whole of business philosophy in the delivery of green skills training to 114,000 individual, community and industry learners.
WSI’s world class Green Skills Hub and Eco Skills Centre ensures their students have exposure to the latest green and renewable technologies as part of their training, providing them opportunities to experience technologies to which they may not yet be exposed.
WSI’s range of programs and facilities ensure they fulfill their commitment to being a major contributor to the social and economic development of the Western Sydney region through the provision of responsive, flexible and accessible vocational education and training – in which green skills training is embedded from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma qualifications.

Innovative industry-led projects and partnerships along with highly trained staff ensure that WSI continues to be a leader in sustainability practices and vocational education and training.

VJ Thomas Greader