Sydney Skywalkers

Working at double the height of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and at the same height as the Eiffel Tower are just some of the challenges facing a ‘Sydney Tower Skywalk’ guide...

Skywalk is a unique high-altitude adventure on top of Sydney Tower. At 260 metres above Sydney, it is an exhilarating 45 minute outdoor walk on the roof of the city. .

Michael McCaskill is a very enthusiastic 'Sky Guide’ at the ‘Sydney Tower Skywalk’ tourism attraction. He loves his exciting job and says it is adventure tourism at its best. Although Michael is studying music at uni, his job at Skywalk is turning into a successful career. His Sky Guide role is developing to take on more responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the facility.

Each day Michael conducts a security and safety check which includes checking the deck for loose material or debris, checking the oil levels for the hydraulic suspension system on a computer, opening the roller shutters and cleaning the glass windows before the facility can be opened to the public.

As a guide, Michael uses his good communication and people skills to point out interesting and fun facts to visitors. As well as information about Sydney landmarks Michael likes to add some fun facts like ‘Fort Dennison, that little island in the Harbour that used to be a jail is now the hottest and most expensive restaurant location for New Years Eve’ and ‘The Opera House has self cleaning tiles’ and ‘if you yell down your voice will echo through the streets of Sydney’.

A big part of his job is the OH&S and he is continually training and developing these skills. Each visitor is kitted up and breath tested before the tour but sometimes people can freak out over the glass see-through bottom, viewing platform - it causes them to suddenly realise how high they are off the ground! However Michael has some calming and assuring techniques to make the person feel safe again.

Ultimately it is Michael’s contagious enthusiasm and joy for life that makes you see how being a Skywalk Tour Guide is an excellent career path for those with adventure in their hearts.

VJ Lucy Nash

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