Star Rating Scheme

The Star Rating Scheme helps promote and advance the quality and relevance of vocational and technical training for the trades in Australia by recognising high performing RTO’s. The Institute for Trade Skills Excellence is responsible for the scheme and is supported by each participating industry sector to develop, implement and manage the program.

The evaluation process includes an initial self evaluation by the faculty or school against a set of criteria which has been defined by industry. Then schools or faculties who demonstrate potential to achieve a one gold star, two gold star or three gold star level of recognition receive a site visit by an evaluation team.

RTO's that receive a one star, two star or three star level of recognition will receive a valuable promotional package, with benefits increasing the higher the level of recognition achieved, including listing on website honour roll and promotion via industry magazines and other mediums. They will also receive feedback to help drive improvement.

This scheme will allow students, parents, career counsellors, employers and industry to ascertain which RTO’s have been recognised by The Institute and industry at what level, within their field of interest.

Initial enquiries from RTO’s, schools or faculties regarding the scheme can be made to the key contact for the relevant industry group (see below) or to The Institute for Trade Skills Excellence. Have a look through the Guide for Applicants and the Terms and Conditions for participating in the scheme. Then fill in the application form and submit this to The Institute. Please note this application form requires a signed declaration by the RTO before submission. Once your application has been received, you will be forwarded a letter of receipt and a self-evaluation template to complete.