Soaring ahead

Each year Aviation Australia holds its Aviation Careers Expo in Brisbane Queensland.

The Expo is an opportunity for anyone interested in aviation, whether they be a school student or just considering a career change, to talk to representatives from some of the largest aerospace business, airlines and flying schools in Australia.

Josh Taylor, who is currently undertaking his training with Aviation Australia, dreamt of flying not long after he learnt to walk upright: "Its been a lifelong dream of mine".

Josh is currently training to be an aircraft maintenance engineer and has undertaken work experience with Boeing Australia, working on F111 aircraft. A diverse range of great trade careers are available in the area of aircraft maintenance.

Geoff Woodcroft of Boeing Australia notes that these range from aircraft structures, aircraft mechanical and avionics (aircraft instruments). "The aerospace industry is booming in Australia at the moment" says Geoff.

The surge in demand for aircraft maintenance work has left companies such as Boeing and Aviation Australia in need of skilled apprentices: "A lot of companies are finding it difficult to fill...positions" says Derek Siebenhausen of CareerOne.

Paul Brederek, CEO of Aviation Australia puts it bluntly: "The numbers are staggering", noting that an additional 400,000 aircraft maintenance engineers are required to keep pace with demand across Australia and throughout Asia. With so many positions available, Geoff Woodcroft points out that "the sky really is the limit".

VJ Rodney Meier