SES Volunteer

The public safety sector, encompassing; police, defence, fire, search and rescue (aquatic and land-based), emergency services and emergency management plays a key role in the preparation for, response to, and recovery from natural and man-made threats.

The diverse nature of the public safety sector requires a highly-trained and responsive workforce capable of responding to threats, maintaining community safety and collaborating across agencies and jurisdictions.

The public safety sector currently employs in excess of 186,000 people with a heavy reliance on volunteer support.  Australian Emergency Management Volunteer Forum recently reported over 500,000 volunteers from all of their member organisations within the emergency management and response areas across Australia.

  • Defence engages personnel in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), reserve ADF and civilian staff
  • The fire sector encompasses rural, metropolitan, land management and aviation-based fire services
  • The emergency services sector incorporates the state emergency services (SES) and emergency management organisations
  • Police services, includes state and territory police departments and the Australian Federal Police
  • The public safety sector also includes surf lifesaving, which is responsible for protecting Australia’s public swim centres, beaches and coastlines via patrols, education and training, and the promotion of health and fitness.