Refreshing Careers in Coliban Water

The water industry provides a fundamental service to communities and enterprises across Australia. This includes supplying irrigation water to farmers and other users and providing drinking water and wastewater services, including sewage treatment, to households and industry. Core water industry skills are also required in a number of industries, including mining, hospitality and local government.

The skills of the water industry workforce and enterprises are critical, given Australia’s highly variable rainfall and frequent water shortages. Efficient use of water resources is essential for the long-term sustainability of Australia’s productive land and natural

The water industry includes the major sectors of:

  • water sourcing, treatment, supply and distribution
  • wastewater collection and treatment, stormwater and drainage wastewater and biosolids reuse
  • ground water recharge
  • water quality management, monitoring and measurement.

The water industry employs water and wastewater treatment operators; networks maintenance personnel and specialists, such as hydrographers; environmental advisers; water quality officers; infrastructure and treatment systems designers and managers; remote essential services operators; trade waste operators; dam safety operators; and water scientists, including chemists, biologists, microbiologists, lock operators, and ground water hydrologists.