Building Surry Hills Community Centre

Luke Payne always knew that once he finished school, he'd begin an apprenticeship. He began with an apprenticeship in construction carpentry, where the focus is placed primarily on highrise construction and inner city building - now he's the Foreman of the building site which will soon be the Surry Hills Community Centre.

SkillsOne goes on a Walking Tour of Surry Hills, with members of the Oasis Youth Support Network, a support network for disadvantaged youth, to show the guys some careers they might like to enter into, such as carpentry. They chat to Luke about what would be involved in an apprenticeship.


About Carpentry Apprenticeships:

When beginning a carpentry apprenticeship, there are two distinct career paths to choose between: 1) Construction carpentry, involving highrises, apartments, and other commercial ventures 2) "Cottage industry" carpentry, including residential homes, furniture etc Most people that choose construction carpentry will go on to work for large construction firms on larger projects, while other carpenters may go on to start their own business once they finish their apprenticeship.

About Probuild Constructions:

Probuild Constructions has built a track record for the delivery of complex, high quality projects on time and within budget.

In its 5 years in Sydney, Probuild (trading as WBHO Probuild Constructions) has grown steadily, earning a reputation for the successful delivery of complex projects of high quality and significant architectural merit, on time and within budget. The company has won two major awards for Excellence in Construction, receiving the MBA NSW Excellence in Construction Award 2006 for Hospitality Buildings $5M - $10M for Breakfast Point Country Club and 2005 for Museum of Australian Currency Notes, Reserve Bank of Australia for Interior Fitouts $2M - $5M.

About The Surry Hills Community Centre:

Project Background: The project involves construction of a new multi purpose building on the current site at 405 Crown Street, Surry Hills. The building will house a new library, as well as a neighbourhood centre and childcare facilities. The upgrade of the Surry Hills Community Centre is a City of Sydney project.

About Oasis:

Oasis gives young people hope, help and opportunities to access relevant education, training, jobs, counselling, and drug/alcohol programs across Australia. SkillsOne chats to John Harris, the Vocational Support Program Co-ordinator in Surry Hills about the program.

VJ Linda Mirabilio