Nursing @ TAFE

Here Margaret Edmondson from the Nursing Studies faculty at Meadowbank TAFE guides us around the practical training room - a simulated workplace which provides students studying nursing with hands on indications of real-life nursing and health-care situations.

Lisa Murdocca, a trainee nurse, finds nursing appealing because no matter what kind of life conditions and commitments one has, a nursing career will always be able to fit in - it is flexible, and there is always work available. And it is not just for young females! More males are turning to nursing, and there are also people who are seeking a career change who decide to try their hand at being a nurse.

There are different nursing courses/certificates which can be done through TAFE, generally running for approximately 9 weeks, where consolidated preliminary learning and training takes place, giving the students a taste of nursing and health care, providing them with the option of whether they wish to continuing pursuing this path.