My Brother, My Garden Keeper

Greg and Damien Kerin built their nursery 25 years ago and they offer both wholesale and retail sales. They sell what they grow and also buy plants from other people. It is a general nursery but always changing, depending on what plants are seasonally available. They currently employ 14 staff and have been a finalist for Garden Centre of the Year for a number of years (but not yet quite cracked the title). Their nephew has expressed an interest in carrying on the business.

Both Greg and his brother, Damien, have a background in horticulture. Greg has a Retail Hort. certificate as well. Greg loves the retail aspect of having a nursery as well as a passion for the plants themselves and enjoys seeing how people's passion for plants increase. He also enjoys watching displays grow, discovering new products, devising displays and watching them grow, as well as finding new products for them to sell. Damien came from a background of teaching/re-skilling people in horticulture. For him, the passion started out as a hobby - and grew...!

VJ Rodney Meier