Mining Signals

SkillsOne meets Jeff Bristow, Signal Technician for Fortescue Mines. He shares what's involved in his work in signals. He started his apprenticeship at thirty seven, proving that you don't need to be young to begin an apprentice.

He shares the day to day tasks involved in working as a signal technician.

Jeff started working for the Public Transport Commission in 1978 and has done various training courses through TAFE.

Although Jeff is still fairly new to Port Hedland his advice for new people to the regions is drink lots of water and take regular breaks.

SkillsOne recently visited tradies who work in the mining industry in the Pilbarra, in Western Australia, run by the Fortescue Metals Group.

Fortescue focusses on iron ore.

Fortescue's port, rail and mine project commenced construction in February 2006 with the turning of the first sod at the Company's port site at Anderson Point in Port Hedland. Just two years later, the open-access rail infrastructure is complete, the Fortescue Herb Elliott Port is operational and the mining operations at the Company's first mine site, known as Cloudbreak, are well underway.

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