Making Rain Work For You

Ben Whitehair is a fully qualified plumber who employs apprentices and runs two businesses, Tanks for Rain (which was his original concept company) and Report Plumbing, alongside each other.

Ben installs tailored and bespoke rain water systems in residential and commercial properties, and he is extremely excited and engaged in what he does.

Ben makes every effort to utilise existing sewage or septic systems and give people future options if they decide to switch over to a fully water sustainable home. Always looking ahead and being realistic, Ben realises that customers will be hit with increased water bills over the next few years to cover the costs of planned and current desalination plants, and drought. When this happens, businesses like his will be ideally placed to reap the benefits a more water-aware population.

With water costs rising, Ben saw a niche in the market that could save people money and make people more aware of their personal water usage. Water audits, water monitoring and water metering are three of the services Ben offers to his clients.

With mixed amenity being the norm in most new residential and corporate office now, i.e ground level cafes and restaurants being a regular feature of most new residential buildings and mid level cafeterias and roof top air conditioning cooling towers being added to all new commercial or corporate buildings, water usage is a major issue.

VJ Matthew Jenkin