Keeping it in the Family

Michael Jones owns and runs the Hospitality Warehouse with his family - where customers can come to buy, fit and repair everything needed for the running of their cafe - or, if they are particularly passionate, their kitchens! Michael takes us through his warehouse and shows his business, while he tells us about the finer details of how his Warehouse works.

About Michael:

Michael started a refrigerator mechanic apprenticeship 20 years ago. He'd never really enjoyed school, but he loved his apprenticeship. His father was a fitter and turner and worked in the industry for over 40 years. He inspired Michael to get into the industry as well.

Ten years ago, Michael and his sister Trina (who had come from a retail background) started Hospitality Warehouse. They also employ their father. Their combined experience Michaels practical trade experience and Trinas knowledge of retail  has been invaluable for their company. Since its a family business, they support each other a lot.

Each day is different, as Michael and Trina share many of the responsibilities. In fact, Michael is currently learning some of Trinas jobs (accounts, ordering) as shes pregnant. Michael has become a father in recent years, which has changed his perspective and priorities. He wants to be able to spend more time with his kids, as well as earn enough money to support them. He enjoys the fact that he has the flexibility to decide how he spends his day, and loves working for himself.

About Hospitality Warehouse:

Hospitality Warehouse was opened ten years ago in Brookvale after Michael Jones noticed a need for a specialist hospitality/catering retail store for both commercial and residential customers. While local restaurants are a major part of their customer base, he has noticed a growing trend in private customers who want professional equipment in their homes, allowing them to entertain more professionally. In 2007 they moved from a more industrial area to a main road in Brookvale, further encouraging the general public to visit the store. Michaels main focus is exceeding the customers expectations. Hes always looking at what his competitors are doing and trying to raise the bar and believe honesty and integrity are paramount. He believes quality customer service is where many businesses go wrong. He spends much of his week meeting with business owners who are planning a new restaurant, cafe or kitchen. Hell draw plans, liaise with electricians and plumbers and make recommendations about where the equipment should go.

VJ Bradley Conomy

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