Going Platinum

Trent Warwick, of Newtown Picture Framing Studio, gives us an outline of his business - which his father opened in 1992 - and its purpose.
Originally, the business was based mostly on retail framing, with many locals walking in off the streets with their various prints, pictures etc. for framing. Over the years though, the company has managed to pick up a number of corporate clients, producing corporate work that included framing gifts, merchandise, plaques and certificates. This eventually led to them being approached by major record label to do all their framing of music industry awards and plaques, which is now the work that the company is best known for.
A record company rep will usually approach Trent with an idea, colour scheme or album artwork, and ask him to create something for that artist. As such, there is a certain amount of artistry involved. Unlike many other framing companies (who all use guillotines, glass cutting tools and a joining machine) Newtown Picture Framing Studio has embraced modern technology to ensure they are ahead of their competitors.
Sony BMG has often told them that their artists have commented that their Australian plaques and awards are the best in the world!
Trent has been trying to find new staff for quite some time now, and, having difficulty in doing this, has realised there is a distinct skills shortage in this area. There are traineeships available in framing, for those who are interested.
Trent was a sales analyst in the motor vehicle industry before deciding to join the family framing business. He believes uni can be overrated as he's learned so much from working and believes he was naturally attuned to this job. He's passionate about what he does, and obviously enjoys his work, particularly the opportunity he has to be creative (and work with creative people) on his music industry projects. The deadlines can be tough, but he loves the sense of achievement that comes from his work, as well as knowing that the item will be given to someone who really loves and appreciates it. He also loves the fact that no day is ever boring, and that he gets to work with creative people who love what they do.
VJ Linda Mirabilio