From the Lens to the Desk

Lynda Hopper is a wedding and portrait photographer. She teaches at TAFE, in addition to running her own photography business.

She chats to SkillsOne about what's involved in being a photographer, how she started out, and the challenges of starting a business.

About Lynda: 

After discovering an interest in photography in 1998 and tired of the office job lifestyle, Lynda Hopper left her Legal Profession to continue her admiration for photography.

Only starting as a hobby, she completed a few short courses before beginning a four year Diploma in Photography, which is a very competitive course, she had to complete a written application to be granted an interview, she graduated in 2003.

In 2004 she was nominated ABIA Finalist for Wedding Photography which is voted by the brides themselves.

In 2005 she was asked back to TAFE as a lecturer. She teaches 15 hours per week, including T-VET students working for their HSC.

When Lynda is not at TAFE she is at home doing post-production which involves a lot of re-touching, for a days shoot, allow 3 hours for post.

Lynda is a sole trader however sometimes has helpers that come out and assist her. They are on a contract basis only. Lynda mainly focuses on Weddings.

VJ Rodney Meier