Finishing High School

So you didn't complete high school? But now you have the drive, determination or opportunity to gain tertiary education? Then the TPC (Tertiary Preparation Certificate) course at TAFE is for you - where you can renew your education over a more flexible system and flexible time frame.

Meet Elizabeth Blenman, TPC coordinator who personally gets a thrill from seeing people completing their education despite family, financial or work commitments. She says people from the age of 18 through to 80 have done the course!

SkillsOne also talks to Laura Brayshaw, who is a student completing the course as she studied in the UK and came to Australia, only to discover that despite completing the equivalency in London, it didn't correlate with the education system in Australia.

Laura enjoys the TPC course as it enables her flexibility to balance her work and family commitments.

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VJ Matthew Jenkin